1975 6 months of life (30’) – stringquartet ask for free copy
1976 Dona Nobis Pacem (10’) – stringquartet ask for free copy
1978 Utah (5’48) – stringquartet, flute and harp score
1978 Utah (5’48) stringquartet, flute and piano score
1983 Winterbiet (8′) – flute, bass clarinet, piano and string quartet score
1984 Niet te stuiten (10′) (rev. 1987) – string quartet youtube score  
1986 Ev’ry nerve a wire (9′) (rev. 1987) – string quartet score youtube
1989 Spinning out (12′) – accordion and string quartet score youtube
1990 Stretch your petticoat (8′) – bassoon and string quintet score youtube
1991 Uitkuisen (15′) (rev. 1994) – bass clarinet, percussion and string quartet score
1992 Dismal gray (3’) – stringquartet  ask for free copy
1993 Hoochee Coochee man (13’) – stringquartet, revised in 1994 score Youtube
Note: This piece was specifically composed for the Mondriaan String Quartet, and does not borrow or reference any existing songs with the same title in terms of melody or musical elements.
1994 Deep Dish (11’52) – stringquartet (revised shorter version of Hoochee Coochee Man) score
1994 Rose-fingered-dawn at Louse-point (10′) – bassoon, guitar, stringquintet score youtube
1995 Danger of being swallowed II (4′) – 4 recorders and string quintet score  2nd version
2003 Play it to the bone (9’) – baritonsax., stringquartet score
2003 Ludwig auf Freiersfüssen (10’) – tenorrecorder and stringquartet youtube
(Ludwig is almost the same piece as Play it to the bone)
1999 Virtuel Nomades (10’) – stringquartet score
2002 Bats from hell (9’) – stringquartet listen or youtube
2002 Bats from hell (9’29) (II (2’45) +III (4’02) +IV (2’42) – stringquartet+tape(NP)
2004 Get it, while it’s hot! (9’30) – stringquartet and el. gtr. score
2007 Mein junges Leben hat (k)ein End (10’)(adaptation of J.P.zn Sweelinck’s variations) score youtube
2009 Caixa de Dolcos (or: Candybox) (3’21) (string4tet, also available for sax 4tet or pianoduo) youtube
also performed for instance by Quartette Artemisia
or Quartet Corda

Bats Matangi euromast 8
Matangi quartet first performance “bats form hell” in the Euromast Rotterdam

The Girlsss collection collection of 16 from CD

Started in 1998, finished in 2007 (Disclaimer: these pieces are odes originally written and not quoting in any way musically or in another way the named artists)

The Complete Girlsss collection
book I

1.Britney Spears (2’37) 1-8
2. Marilyn Monroe (3’37) 9-13 score YouTube
3. Madonna (3’19) 14-22 score
4. Jennifer Lopez (3’30) 23-31
5. Pamela Anderson (4’01) 32-40
6. Lolobrigida (3’00) 41-49
7. Beyoncé (3’45) 50-64 preview
8. Naomi Campbell (3’01) 65-71 score
9. Aaliyah (3’03) 72-77
10. Michelle Pfeiffer (3’29) 78-87
11. Cher (2’26) 88-94
12. Catherine Deneuve (3’09) 95-101 score gtr version
13. Ode to Shakira (3’09) 102-108 score
14. Adriana Sklenarikova (4’19) 109-112 score
15. Cicciolina (1) (3’55)(1999) 113-124 score
16. Dolly Parton (2’36) 125-132 score YouTube
17. Scarlett Johansson (3’08) 133-140 guitar version
18. Cameron Diaz (3’13) 141-150 guitarversion
19. Gwyneth Paltrow (3’30) 151-155 score
20. Angelina Jolie (3’24) 156-160 score
21. Huba (2’33) 161-167 score
22. Annette Bergman (2’30) 168-174 score
23. Alyssa Milano (3’03) 175-184
24. Venus Williams (3’19) 185-193 score
25. Charlize Theron (2’51) 194-198
26. Christina Applegate (2’34) 199-205 guitar version
27. Cicciolina (III) (3’33) 206-214 score

book II

28.Halle Barry (1’50) 215-218 guitarversion
29a.Cicciolina (part 1-4’00) score (part 1)
29b.Cicciolina (part 2) (3’10) 219-225 score (part 2)
29c.Cicciolina (part 3-3’20) score (part 3)
30. Brigitte Bardot (3’10) 226-229 score
31. Kiss of fire (1) (5’16) 230-247 score YouTube
32. Kiss of fire (II) (3’15) 248-255 score YouTube
33. Christina Aguilera (3’19) 256-261 score
34. Sophie Ellis Bextor (2’52) 262-268
35. The witch of New Orleans (4’22) 269-280 score
36. Aurelie Claudel (2’03) 281-286 guitarversion

Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen in the Concertgebouw presenting the new LP/CD
of the Mondriaan String Quartet with the “Girls Collection”, with music of Chiel Meijering
(18 januari 2003 )

2019 My Pink Kitten (2’31)(for string quartet) score
2019 The Speed of Life (2’34)(for string quartet) score
2020 Desperado (3’11) (for stringquartet)
2020 Attack of Drones (4’44) (for stringquartet) piano trio version
2020 Heaven and Hell (from “Soprano’s Lament” 2016 part 4) (2’42)
2020 Light, at the end of the Tunnel (6’00) – stringquartet score youtube
2020 The slow walk back (6’28) – stringquartet score

The End (Diana) – stringquartet (3’20) score
Der Holländer fliegt – stringquartet (3’42) score
Fires Everywhere – stringquartet (4’47) score
Ode to Shakira – stringquartet (2’42) score
The Chattering World (stringquartet) (2’55) score
The Bump on the Log (stringquartet)(3’33) score
The Flight of the Humming Bird  (stringquartet)(3’13) score
No Yearn to Resolve (bassoon+stringquartet)(5’20) score
Burlesque (bassoon+stringquartet)(3’33) score
And Yet…(bassoon+stringquartet)(3’13)  score
I Want to get Out of Here! (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’30) score
Country Picking (stringquartet)(5’48) score
Spoof (stringquartet)(3’05) score
Sweet & Romantic (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’54) score
Happy Children Playing (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’52) score
Decoration of Empty Time (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’58) score
Blip (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’05) score
Dwarfs and Elves (dwelling in Niflheim)(stringquartet)(3’23)
La Gitane (3’50) (Stringquartet) score
Puff it Up (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’27) score
The Challenges of Hugging (Stringquartet) (4’05) score
Bolero Blue (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’54)score
Burning Steps (for bassoon and stringquartet) (4’02) score
Eva Naughty (Stringquartet) (3’08) Score
Tootsy-Wootsies (for bassoon and stringquartet) (5’32)
Tiptoeing Around (Stringquartet)(3’56) score
The Sob (De Snik) (Stringquartet) (3’50) score
Revved Up (Stringquartet) (4’05) score
Are you OK? (for bassoon and stringquartet) (4’36) score
The Monk Was Right (Stringquartet) (6’11) score
Whizz (Stringquartet)(3’53) score
There’s a new King in Town (Stringquartet) (3’58) score
Spirits of Wine and Beer (Stringquartet)(3’41) score
I wish we could run away to the hills (Stringquartet)(3’02) score
Mastermind (Stringquartet)(2’58) score
Willst Du oder Willst Du nicht? (Stringquartet)(2’37) score
Winter is Coming (for bassoon and stringquartet) (4’39) score
Birds can’t count and Monkees don’t smoke (Stringquartet)(2’18) score
A Pie in the Sky (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’28) score
Running on a Treadmill (Stringquartet)(5’03) score
Gypsy à Go Go (Stringquartet)(2’22) score
Excitement and Bizarre Repetition (Stringquartet)(4’31) score
You Don’t know Until you Try (Stringquartet)(3’08) score
I’ve lost myself (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’54) score
Take it Slow (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’59) score
Gently, let us steep our love (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’14) score
Fun-House Mirror (Stringquartet)(4’47) score
Shifting of the Universe (Stringquartet)(3’48) score
She loves me She loves me not (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’22) score
Late-Night Jam (Stringquartet)(3’14) score
Hope Shines (Stringquartet)(3’19) score
Bluebird of Happiness (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’44) score
ZigZag (for bassoon and stringquartet)(7’02) score
Manic Pixie Dream Girl (for bassoon and stringquartet)(5’36) score
Un Bikini Mozzafiato (Stringquartet)(3’13)
Clickety-Pop (Stringquartet)(3’05) score
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue (Stringquartet)(3’53) score
Asylum for the Sane (Stringquartet)(3’30) score
Up the Country (Stringquartet)(6’07) score
Andalusian wind (Stringquartet)(4’17) score
Asia Argento (Stringquartet)(3’57) score  Youtube
Slowly the Walls come down (bassoon/stringquartet)(2’52) score
Tomorrow… I’ll be a thousand miles away (Stringquartet)(7’06) score
Millions of Stars (Stringquartet)(3’19) score
RIZZ (Stringquartet)(4’31) score
The Kindness of Strangers (Stringquartet)(3’33) score
Bad Skin Miseries (Stringquartet)(2’53) score
The Farewell (Stringquartet)(4’26) score
Catatonia Stupor (Stringquartet)(2’21) score
Witches’ Sabbath (Stringquartet)(4’03) score
Devil’s Dance (Stringquartet)(2’38) score
Pas de Deux (Stringquartet)(1’26) score
The Fog hangs above the deserted Battlefield (Stringquartet)(4’12) score
The Decompositioning of Neo-Liberals (Stringquartet)(4’20)
A funky thing happened (Stringquartet)(4’21) score
Woogie Boogie (Stringquartet)(5’06) score
A Sad Clown (Stringquartet)(3’23) score
The Juice is not worth the Squeeze (Stringquartet)(3’29) score
Multiple Joys (2’56) (Stringquartet) score
Humming in the Wind (2’51) (Stringquartet)
Wild dancing Girls (4’03) (Stringquartet)

All scores published by Donemus, except when otherwise stated: Edition Tre Fontane, Moeck Musikverlag, In the Hague music archives library of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag or at the Ricciotti ensemble library
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