Bassoon stringquartet

Stretch your petticoat (bassoon/string quintet (8′) score YouTube

Encore I (for bassoon and stringquintet)(12’00) score
part 1: Soprano’s Lament youtube
part 2: Now (Red Summer Sunset) youtube
part 3: Andiamo youtube

Encore II (for bassoon and stringquartet)(10’25) score
part 1: The Voice Of The Eagle (prt 1)(4’19)
part 2: Amores (prt 2 from Rock that Flute)(2’34)
part 3: Concert of Broken Flutes (prt 3)(3’30)

Candy Box (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’09) score
The End (Diana)(for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’30) score
Der Holländer fliegt (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’42) score
Fires Everywhere (for bassoon and stringquartet) (4’47) score
Shakira – (for bassoon and stringquartet) (2’42) score
The Chattering World (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’21) score
The Bump on the Log (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’33) score
And Yet… (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’14) score
I Want to get Out of Here! (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’30) score
Sweet & Romantic (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’54) score
Happy Children Playing (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’52) score
Decoration of Empty Time (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’58) score
No Yearn to Resolve (for bassoon and stringquartet)(5’20) score
Burlesque (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’33) score
I Want to get Out of Here! (for bassoon and stringquartet)(3’30) score
Blip (for bassoon and stringquartet)(4’05) score
Puff Up (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’27) score
Bolero Blue (for bassoon and stringquartet) (3’54)
Burning Steps (for bassoon and stringquartet) (4’02)score
Tootsy-Wootsies (for bassoon and stringquartet) (5’32) score
Are you OK? (for bassoon/stringquartet) (4’36) score
Winter is Coming (for bassoon/stringquartet) (4’39)
A Pie in the Sky (for bassoon / stringquartet)(4’28) score
I’ve lost myself (for bassoon/stringquartet)(3’54) score
Take it Slow (bassoon/stringquartet)(3’59) score
Gently, let us steep our love (bassoon/stringquartet)(3’14)
She loves me She loves me not (bassoon/stringquartet)(3’22) score
Bluebird of Happiness (bassoon/stringquartet)(3’44) score
ZigZag (bassoon/stringquartet)(7’02) score
Manic Pixie Dream Girl (bassoon/stringquartet)(5’36) score
Slowly the Walls come down (bassoon/stringquartet)(2’52) score