Chiel in Paris

Chiel Meijering is one of today’s most prominent Dutch composers, with music indiscriminately crossing the boundaries of genre and instrumentation. His broad range of works are frequently performed throughout the Netherlands and the world. Works in his vast output include such humorous titles as The zombies awake (1977), Are all Americans made of plastic (1979), A sexshop in a desert (1981) and I like rats, but I don’t like Haydn(1981).

Meijering was born in Amsterdam in 1954. He studied composition, percussion and piano at the Sweelinck Conservatory (now the Amsterdam Conservatory) with Ton de Leeuw, Jan Labordus and Jan Pustjens, respectively.

Meijering’s ouput is impressively large, with more than 1000 works written for nearly every instrument and instrumentation one can imagine. The majority of his works are for chamber groups and small ensembles. His works have been performed by many top groups such as the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, the Mondriaan String Quartet, the Matangi String Quartet, Sinfonietta Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Guitar Trio, the Asko|Schönberg ensemble, Netherlands Wind Ensemble (Nederlands Blazers Ensemble) and Spark … more