Chiel in Paris

Chiel Meijering is one of today’s most prominent Dutch composers, with music indiscriminately crossing the boundaries of genre and instrumentation. His broad range of works are frequently performed throughout the Netherlands and the world. Works in his vast output include such humorous titles as The zombies awake (1977), Are all Americans made of plastic (1979), A sexshop in a desert (1981) and I like rats, but I don’t like Haydn(1981).
Meijering was born in Amsterdam in 1954. His ouput is impressively large, with more than 1000 works written for nearly every instrument and instrumentation… read more


21th & 22th Moscow / st Petersburg MCME
new Work + more Meijering compositions

15th june – 8th july : the Opera ‘Styx’ (2006) is going to be performed again, in an extraordinary setting: watch trailer
lees hier artikel in de place de l’Opera over ‘Styx’

25th june Appleton: bassoon concerto’s with Kathleen Maclean
at the International Double Reed Conference

6th of july: Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa plays “Transmutes” (premiere) in Casa da Música – Porto

Chiel Meijering & Johan Dorrestein – june 4, 2017