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Blauwbaard Xynix Opera De makers, Libretto: Imme Dros, Muziek: Chiel Meijering, Regie: Joke Hoolboom, Decor: Douwe Hibma, Kostuums: Freija Wouters, De spelers, Blauwbaard: Niek Idelenburg, Stoppel: Florian Just, Tochtlat: Arnout Lems, Judith: Leonie van Veen, Anna: Fenna Ograjensek,
Blauwbaard Youtube

1982 Faust (Musical) (60’) – el.bss/el.gtr/synth./drums and choir(protagonists also in choir) (NP)
1983 4 kleine meisjes (4 little girls) (60’) – orch.+band and 1 sopr, 2 mezzo, 1 alto (NP)
1985 Spelbedervers (20′) – flute, clarinet, percussion, 2 violins and violoncello
1986 Ur-Faust (50′ )(Goethe), music theatre for soloists, choir and chamberorchestra
1986 Overture to Ur-Faust (3’) symph.orch. (NP)
1988 Die letzten Tagen der Menschheit (90’) for chamberorch., el.g., el.b.,choir and 2 actors (NP)
1994 St. Louis blues (115′) (Lyrics by P. Binnerts), opera for 7 soloists and wind ensemble + el.gtr
el.bass and perc. listen (from 1st act: “Wat is een mens”) listen (from 3rd axt: “Alles komt in orde”)
review in dutch
1998 Gershwin in Blue (90’) (lyrics by Lodewijk de Boer),for sax.quartet, cb, dr, pf, ch choir youtube

gershwin new york

Someday (from the opera Gershwin in Blue) youtube
1998 De maarschalk die zijn oor te luisteren legde (19’) for speaker and orch.
1998 De petomaan (60’) – 2 guitars, el.bass, cello and accordion(NP)
1999 St.Louis Blues Suite (30’) – wind ensemble, soprano and tenor
2000 Welluzz Nietdus! (45’) – mezzo, percussion, cello, accordion (opera for children)
2005 Alzheimer opera (80’) 4 harps, stringquartet, 2 percussionplayers, choir of 12(only 6 sopranos/6 altos) and 5 rolls (ten/2 mezzos/sopr/bar./bass) youtube (part 1) youtube (part 2)
alzheimeropera Apple music
2005 De vermoeide minnaars (20′ ) (the tired lovers) – flute / clr.Bb-bass.clr./ accordion (9 short pieces) (NP)
2005 Mara and das merkwürdige Meer (35’ )(text:Marcus Orths) for recorderquartet and speaker edition-tre-fontane

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2006 The Styx (60’) (rev.2007), opera for flt./3 saxes, 3 trp./3trmb/perc./pf/el.bass en 5 singers-s/a/t/br/bs. Libretto by Imme Dros(NP) view part — view new trailer lees artikel
2007 Grenspost Zinnenwald (90’) – 2 flt./clr.Bb /a.sx./ brt.sx.~s.sax./fr.h./ trpt./2trmb./tuba/vibr.-xyl.-drums-perc./ pf/ el.gtr./el.bass. and 3 female leading rolls (sopr.,mezzo, alt), 4 supporting roles youtube1 youtube2 youtube3 youtube4 youtube5 youtube6

2007 Hic sunt literati (30’ ) (Lyrics Sandra Lange) for 10 female singers, big band, also version for small band) (NP)
2008 De Keizer is knetter(60’) – band (el.gtr/bassgtr/synth./drums-perc.) + tenor+bariton)
Kwali Kuna
  Trailer    Sail Away   Pereyokappa   Civilisatie   Ik ben alleen (I’m all alone)
Intermezzo Kwali Kuna   Ik kan de zon laten schijnen (I can make the sun shine)   Zeg mij na (Say After Me)   Ambrosia   Kleine gemene dief (You little mean thief!)
2009 Arias – div. highlights from Operas by Chiel Meijering : st Louis Blues, Alzheimeropera, Styx, Grenspost Zinnenwald, Ereprijs in haar keel, Boogloze Boogpees, Ambrosia (Kwali Kuna) for vocal/piano
2010 Blauwbaard (90′) for hobo, strings (1vl/2vl/vla/vlc), el.gtr, el.bass, drums(+vibraphone), 5 solovoices(tenor, 2 baritons, 2 soprano) + female choir (12) youtube
2011 the Tempest (45’00) Holland Opera -production youtube

and FOP – video-opera’s
2012 Silconen (4’02) a FOP-production youtube (NP)
2012 Olympische Spelen (3’16) a FOP-production youtube (NP)
2012 Formatie (3’20) a FOP-production youtube (NP)
2012 Christmas Song (3’30) a FOP-production youtube (NP)
2014 Suikertantes (60′) Holland Opera – production (NP)
2016 Who’s Afraid of Orfeo? (De Hellevaart van As) (01”30’00) opera for 5 singers (S-A-T-Brt-Bss), Windensemble, el.guitar, el.bass and percussion youtube  & (aria)
2019 St.Louis Blues (115′) (Lyrics by P. Binnerts), opera for 7 soloists and wind ensemble + el.gtr, el.bass and perc.  (new direction by Jeroen Kriek)

St Louis Blues youtube

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