The Amsterdam Guitar Trio with compositions by Chiel Meijering (RCA RD60165)
A bird’s eye view The accordion in contemporary Netherlands (CNM)
The pizza-connection Vintage of European saxophone music, vol. 1 Fidelio 8849
Parrots in Tunesia (Koos Verheul, Jan van der Meer) GLO 5130
No pain, no gain GLO 5138
St. Louis Blues New Opera Series Donemus CV neos 01-02
La belle dame sans merci (Pieter Wispelwey) Channel Classics CCS 7495
Het ontblote feit (De Ereprijs) Klimop 003
Een dame scheert haar benen (Annelie de Man) Erasmus WVH 072
Hypomania (Ricciotti Ensemble) BVHaast CD 9110
I like rats, ’n Haar op mijn hoofd (Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet) Sosta 35011-2
Een paard met vijf poten (Loeki Stardust Quartet) Channel Classics CCS 8996
Autobahnkrieg (Different worlds) Erasmus WVH 237
Zou het pijn doen? concert voor electrisch gitaar en ens. de Ereprijs (Bv Haast cd 8901)
Pieter Wispelwey : La belle dame sans merci – voor cello-solo (CCS 7495)”
Annelie de Man – Erasmus Produkties (WVH 072) “Een dame scheert haar benen”.
Het Ricciotti Ensemble – BV Haast (CD 9110) Hypomania.
“Het Amsterdams Saxofoonkwartet op Sosta Record Company 35011-2 “I like rats en ’n Haar op ’n hoofd.
Het Loeki Stardust Quartet met de cd “Pictured air” op Channel Classics waarop Een paard met vijf poten en Sitting ducks (CCS 8996).
Cobla Principal d’Amsterdam met “Trekganzen” (Syncoop 5757 cd 211).
Suburbanality door het Brabants Saxofoonkwartet op Casa nova records cnr ch-9501.
Min(g)us one door Eric van der Westen’s Quadrant (Challenge records chr 70077)
Autobahnkrieg duo Cuypers/Lop sopraansax/gitaar op Erasmus 237.
Here I come voor rapper en poporkest :Cd “With a little help from my friends” Pias 444.0003.20
Upper Cut – Alex de Leeuw/Guido Nielsen : bariton sax + piano – Erasmus WVH 277 – 2001
Rin tin tin “Dialogue” – Amuse-Oreille : gitaar+mandoline. – 2001
“Sitting Ducks” – Sirena – blokfluitkwartet – bis-cd-1112
Het Mondriaan Strijkkwartet “the girlsss-collection” Basta 30-9132-2
Janine Jansen- La Vengeance d’une femme – op NMclassics 92120
Koh-I-Noor saxophonequartet: saxophonequartets from the Netherland
(with: Background music for non-entertainment use in order to cover unwanted noise)
NM classics 92116
Matangi stringquartet-Bats from hell ma-0103
Jeroen van Veen – Minimal Piano II CD VI volume15
Amber and Cream – by Duo Mares
Spark – Downtown Illusions : Ars 38084 [SACD]
2008 Quad quartet – Now boarding QuadProductions001
2010 Candybox – Matangi Quartet- title: Caixa de Dolços
Challenge Classics CC72353
2010 Discovering Dutch Ensembles- Doelen Ensemble
title: Great themes on vain glory – Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
2011 Henrique Portovedo – Don’t Shoot at the Saxophone player
2015 Spark – Wild territories
titles: When the cock crowed his warning, candybox, silver falls in the heart of the forest, cruiser, Beyoncé
2012 Duo Attema Haring – titles : Chacha & Harpe Diem
2012 i Flautisti – the London recorder quartet – Sound Clouds
title: Spring will be Great
2013 Accordionduo Toeac – Rhythm of straight lines – Daponte classics DPC2013001
2015 Tracks – cello8ctet Amsterdam, title: Storms and Pain
2015 Rock That Flute – Dan Laurin & 1B1 – BIS-2145 BIS records AB, Sweden
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NEW !!! -> 2017 A place of coolness – LP duo

LP duo (Sonja Loncar & Andrija Pavlovic)  play Meijering – available at Amazon

Alzheimer Opera (2005) – iTunes
The Girls collection (for 4 guitars) – CD baby
Suck it up ! with Keith Calmes guitar and voice- iTunes

Spark is a group of young musicians who are so good that they deserve to be named individually:
 Andrea Ritter and Daniel Koschitzki play recorders of various sizes (along with melodica and some other exotica; Koschitzki also plays piano and sings on one track); Stefan Gauss is the violinist, Victor Plumettaz the cellist, and Jutta Rieping the pianist. Their tastes run the gamut of style, and they embrace all sorts of music heroically and unapologetically.
 Chiel Meijering is one part post-minimalist, one part rock-and-roll, one part progressive house: his Harde Puntjes is a sturdy little etude in rhythmic elan and minimal patternings; a kind of remix (beats supplied by the young German human beatbox, Robeat) makes the popular leanings even clearer. By contrast, Kenji Bunch's Groovebox Variations sounds like tame crossover music. Nyman's Jack and Nadia fit in perfectly here. There are also three classical adaptations (I'm tempted to say 'covers', because they are never quite straight performances): Fauré's 'Apres un Reve', the sonatina from Bach's funeral cantata, and one of Vivaldi's Estro Armonico concertos (Op. 3: 2 in G minor),
 which is probably the most outre of the lot. Throw in Christopher Herrmann's Dinah's Night Flight, a cello tour de force involving rock and classical gestures, and an absurdly campy arrangement of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You', and you've got the makings of a genuine classical music phenomenon not unlike Yo Yo Ma or the Kronos Quartet, but even more vital. These five young musicians deliver the goods with virtuosity and aplomb. I have a feeling that Spark will soon be picked up by a big label and marketed with enthusiasm.