electronic songs + iTunes albums

Albums with K. McLean – cdbaby (2018/2019)
Shimmy Shimmy
Rave On

Spaceways of Time: Cinematic Samplings


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Alzheimer Opera (2005) – iTunes

The Girls collection (for 4 guitars) – CD baby

Albums 2012/2013 with Keith Calmes guitar and voice
by Chiel Meijering & Keith Calmes:

Asbury Lanes – CD baby

Suck it up ! with Keith Calmes guitar and voice – CD baby iTunes
Suck it up

Dreamtime – CD baby
Long Live Link Wray and The King!!!!

Classical stiffs 2
Classical stiffs – CD baby
Haunting mysteries
Psycho Circus
Imaginary Movie Music II: The Mask Painted White Youtube
Surfing today Youtube


Electronic Songs – guitars/voice Keith Calmes – video by Zanne :
2013 Wild ride
2013 The Rise of the Sungod
2013 Beat Michael
2013 M*********n for orchestra
2013 Dreamcastle
2013 Gonna Donna (you only live twice)
2013 Smoking hand blues
2013 Through the smokehole
2012 Surfing Today
2013 Nightbus from Cusco
2013 Cosmic Climax for orchestra (from the iTunes album ‘calssical stiffs’)
2012 Gymnopedie 3-Erik Satie (from the iTunes album ‘calssical stiffs’)
2012 Hallelujah (talking about Eno)
2014 Wonderful World
2014 As the Great Bear Rises in the Sky iTunes solo-album (with Matthias Kadar)

Songs 2006/2007 with Françoise Vanhecke – for tape and soprano:
1.Bossy (3’30), listen
2.Understanding (3’30),
3.Gamorra (2’26),
4.Berührung (2’38),
5.Caribou (2’12), listen
6.Lingaya (3’47),
7.Ein Herz das ziehlt (3’13),
8.Sodom (3’41),
9.Ik hou van…(3’13),
10.Françoise (2’55),
11.Just go my dear…(2’39),
12.The Bigger The Better (3’18),
13.Nichts mehr…(3’38) (NP) listen